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Evidentiary precision.

Utilizing the latest in computer forensic technologies, no evidence is left behind. All potential evidence in our cases are analyzed using precision equipment, software and tested, proven, forensically sound practices. Exhaustive measures are taken against corrupted media, deleted files, hidden evidence and encrypted drives.

Computer forensics is a rapidly changing field. It is vital for your forensic expert to be fresh and updated in the latest technologies in order to secure vital evidence. For example, in every version of Windows, system logs often change in subtle ways that can obfuscate critical information. Likewise, different versions of programs present challenges in locating key data files. In mobile forensics, the field is even more diverse — absent a very fresh understanding of the latest mobile operating systems, even the most seasoned examiner will miss important evidence.

Your examiner should provide you with reports in plain English, but retain important detailed forensic notes so that all claims can be replicated by another expert to verify the findings.

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