Discerning truth in data.

Specializing in electronic evidence, audio/video recovery and enhancement, employment litigation, theft of intellectual property, marital dissolution, eDiscovery, incident response, breach investigations, insolvency & fraud.

Expert Witness Services

Experienced, forensically sound practices on state and federal, civil and criminal matters.

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Computer Forensics

Expertise in hidden data, corrupted media and system log analysis; evidence reconstruction.

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Mobile Forensics

Extensive timeline analysis, geolocation data, system logs and cell phone examinations.

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Legal Support

Working with some of the most noted and well respected attorneys in the nation.

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Evidentiary precision.

Utilizing the latest in computer forensic technologies, no evidence is left behind. All potential evidence in our cases are analyzed using precision equipment, software and tested, proven, forensically sound practices. Exhaustive measures are taken against corrupted media, deleted files, hidden evidence and encrypted drives.

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